Data Centre


Customer Profile:

An IT company with more than 1000 employees with operations spread over multiple locations. It houses a Data Centre spread over an area of 10000 sq ft.

Business Requirement:

The customer wanted a central temperature and humidity monitoring system for their Data Centre. It has to be later expanded to all their Data Centres across various geographies.

The system needed to handle the following:

  • Send alerts via email and SMS to multiple stakeholders in case temperature and humidity went outside the contractual range.
  • Monitor each set of server rack separately.
  • Provide this data to their end customers to ensure transparency and boost customer confidence.
  • Facilitate timely remediation of the issues to prevent shutdown of server racks affecting operations across the entire company and more importantly their customers
  • Generate and analyze operational reports to assist data driven decision making
  • Provide periodic data reports to their customers for QoS compliance

Solution Details

  • Iolytics’ IntelliMon platform was deployed with multiple sensors for temperature and humidity
  • Our gateway devices with display screens were installed within each server rack row
  • Data was collected and uploaded to the cloud to facilitate remote monitoring and control from a command centre
  • Redundant data storage options like Flash Memory and SD memory ensured zero data loss in cases of network failures
  • Customer staff based on location and shift received alert SMS and emails if data was out of acceptable range
  • Customer was able to generate and audit periodic reports to analyze various hot and cold zones across the Data Centre and take suitable steps to maintain a uniform environment
  • Customer was able to generate and send periodic reports to their end clients

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