Fleet Management and Cold Chain Logistics

iolytics fleet management

Customer Profile:

An innovative technology company that provides energy efficient and fuel saving refrigeration solutions for cold chain storage and logistics

Business Requirement:

The customer wanted to implement a technology platform to monitor and control their cold chain vehicle fleet on which their cooling systems were installed. The platform needed to handle the following requirements:

  • Collect all system and sensor data from their transportation vehicles
  • Track the vehicle location, stops and speed of the vehicle
  • Control cabin temperature based on their customer requirements
  • Minimize the downtime for the trucking fleet to install, update and troubleshoot
  • Monitor battery power, cabin temperature and timing and duration when cabin door was open
  • Send alerts via email and SMS to multiple stakeholders in case any parameter was outside the acceptable range
  • Generate and analyze operational reports to assist data driven decision making
  • Provide periodic data reports to their customers for their QoS compliance

Solution Overview

iolytics coldstorage solution

Solution Details:

  • Iolytics’ team worked with the customer to install our TransMon Asset Management solutions
  • Our built-in GPS tracked the truck’s location and number of stops.
  • A door sensor on the cabin door was connected to our gateway to track the number of times and for how long the cabin door was opened. Alerts were set to send out notifications only if the door was open for more than a certain time interval.
  • Customer plugged in the temperature monitor and battery power monitor through a controller
  • Our platform integrated with the customer’s controller to alter the cabin temperature and other parameters
  • Customer and their end client were able to configure all device inputs remotely with minimal training from our term
  • After the initial installation, there was no significant downtime for the trucks as all configuration could be updated remotely
  • Our GPRS enabled gateway uploaded the data to our cloud
  • Redundant data storage options like Flash memory and SD card were provided with our platform to ensure zero data loss in case of communication loss when trucks move out of coverage area
  • Customer staff received alert SMS and calls if data was out of acceptable range
  • Customer was able to generate and send periodic reports to their end clients

iolytics offers turnkey solutions for the Fleet Management and Cold Chain Logistics industry. To know more about our offerings visit us at www.iolytics.in or call us at 9699722088.